tisdag 30 oktober 2007

Crash bang poff

I never taught you would go
I never realist that the love we had
had been washt away.
Like i wash my underwear everyday.
Cold ,
you where so cold
you where soooo Cold to me =,(
and it all happend to fast
that i never had a chance to stop you
I had to let you go
But i didn´t´ want to!
but you didn’t give me a chance to stop you
you just sad
not like that but like
*bye i don’t love you no more*
so i cried
and i cried
and i cried
oh how i cried ,
wept like a little baby.
So today i sat down
and made me listened to my heart ,
i cud still here my heart beat
but youré heart
it had died.
just like that *pooooff*

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